About uHPLCs

About uHPLCs

About uHPLCs

UHPLCS Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

—— Make the chromatographic operations been more effective.


UHPLCS Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer committed to the R&D and OEM of high quality chromatographic consumables accessories.

We specialize in R&D of empty column, guard column in hplc, inline filter, replacement frit, inlet solvent filter, hplc tubing, etc. We continue to improve our R&D and manufacturing capabilities and optimize the management system. With strict process control, superior products and services, we provide better products and more robust service support for chromatography instrument manufacturers, consumables suppliers, large pharmaceutical companies and laboratory personnel.

UHPLCS is committed to solving all outstanding problems and bottlenecks faced in the process of supporting chromatography consumables in liquid chromatography, in order to better solve the problems in chromatography consumables, to help instrument manufacturers to improve the competitiveness of their products continuously, to provide high quality and stable chromatography consumables for laboratory users.

UHPLCs has become the strategic partner of many first-class chromatography instrument manufacturers and consumables suppliers, and our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. uHPLCs has provided many famous pharmaceutical companies with chromatography columns, empty columns and other consumables, with on-time delivery and excellent quality!

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Who We Are

High-tech manufacturer of HPLC consumables accessories.


Our Mission

Help people filter, perceive and use substances 

more effectively. Make life healthier.


Our Values

Focus on customer needs and help customers become 

long-term market leaders.

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Research and development, production, processing and technical service solutions, adhering to the highest standards in liquid chromatography analysis, operational performance and sustainable development.


Our Offering

Choosing the right liquid chromatography consumables is critical. Therefore, uHPL has carefully developed and selected a range of liquid chromatography consumables to help you reduce maintenance and unplanned downtime, extend equipment life and reduce consumption. As a customer, you will benefit from our wide portfolio of service solutions, that can be customized to match your goals. We make sure you will perform at your best.



uHPLCs Services Solutions

 By choosing uHPL as your service partner you benefit from our vast HPLC expertise and our extensive services portfolio, that we tailor to meet your specific needs. Our customisable solutions enables your business to achieve tangible results over time by targeting a wide range of operational challenges. Whatever your pain – together we turn it into gain.


Optimise costs 

Optimise your assets. Reduce operational cost, water consumption and waste. Protect your investments and achieve greater output. With our services, you can secure a sustainable and more profitable business.






Improving Product Quality

Providing Best Solution

We Have More Than 10+ Years Practical Experience in Chromatography consumables

The products mainly contain the consumptive material and packings of (HPLC) liquid chromatography columns, analytical guard column, preparation guard column, inline filter, ghost-peak trapping removal column and inline solvent suction filter , as well as some tubing fittings.

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