HPLC Inline Filter and HPLC Column Frits

HPLC Inline Filter and HPLC Column Frits


Professional HPLC Inline Filter and HPLC Column Frits OEM Manufacturer


HPLC requires all mobile phases and samples to be as clean as possible during the analysis process. Otherwise, it will greatly damage the chromatographic instrument or column. In particular, the mobile phase, despite the user's treatment by methods such as filtration before use, often brings in some mechanical impurities during use, which directly affects the life of the column and the analytical results.

 UHPLC and HPLC Coloumn Size to choose


Placed between the pump and sample injection valve protects valve seal wear and column from particles released through normal piston seal wear. 

The HPLC inline filter impurities and solid particles from the mobile phase and protects the liquid phase system. It is usually installed at the back end of the pump, in front of the autosampler. 

It is a ferrule type, but it is just with an HPLC frit, independent of the type of lc column. In practice, the installation position of the inline filter and the fact that it is only a frit to filter impurities from the mobile phase.

The HPLC inline filter can be used with any model of HPLC instrument for convenience and practicality. Because the connection holes of inline filters generally adopt the international standard for HPLC, i.e., 3/16in-32 thread, they can be easily connected to any pipeline needed for liquid chromatography. A common inline filter structure is shown in the figure.


 HPLC Inline Filter Structure

Specially Engineered for Inline Filtration

1. Versions include Micro, Standard, and Semi-Preparative HPLC Inline Filter .

2. Bio-inert PEEK and 316L stainless steel options offered

3. Variety of Porosities, Application Appropriate Meet 

 Some Application as Follow: 

Uses a 2μm stainless steel frit with a PEEK ring.

Analytical Inline Filters, pressure rated to 8,500 psi and use a 2μm stainless steel frit.

Semi-Prep Inline Filters, pressure rated to 7,500 psi, is designed for use with standard 10-32 coned fittings and 1/16” OD tubing.

All materials are 316 stainless steel and PEEK. 


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The HPLC inline filter (pre-column) consists of two parts, the housing and the exchangeable frit, and is not directional. For new inline filters or cleaned inline filters, they can be connected in any direction. However, if you want to understand the online filter that has been used and not cleaned, you must pay attention to the direction of use; otherwise, the filtered mechanical impurities will be washed into the chromatography system again.


Note: Depending on where the HPLC inline filter is installed in the chromatography system and how clean the mobile phase and sample are, it will need to be cleaned after a period of use. After the inline filter is contaminated, the pressure of the column gradually increases, especially when the column is removed and only the inline filter is in the system, even though the conditions under which the chromatography system is used remain unchanged.



What Should I Do If My Inline Filter is Clogged?


In general, remove the inline filter, put it in a beaker, add purified water, boil it for 5-10 minutes, and then methanol super a bit. If still blocked, take a dilute nitric acid bubble. Still can not then need to replace the new, which itself is a consumable.


Is it called an "in-line filter" or a "pre-column"?

Pre-column, as the name suggests, is a pre-column with packing inside, the retention of components, and the use of the hplc column to maintain consistency with the packing type placed in front of the column. Play two roles, one, filtration, and two, so that the impurities in the sample to the dead packing adsorption, pre-column adsorption, so that these impurities can not enter the hplc column, to protect the hplc column.


In-line filter, equivalent to a frit, the frit is neutral for the components, only to filter the role of solid particles.


Note: "Retention of components" means that the measured components will have some adhesion on the pre-column and must be washed out by the mobile phase for a while, just like the analytical column.

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