Stainless Steel, 3.0 x 4mm Direct Connect Guard Column Holder, uHPLCs®

Stainless Steel, 3.0 x 4mm Direct Connect Guard Column Holder, uHPLCs®

Stainless Steel, 3.0 x 4mm Direct Connect Guard Column Holder, uHPLCs®

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Direct-Connection Guard Cartridge Holders, reusable, stainless-steel guard cartridge holders that attach directly to the analytical column inlet. Provides protection against compounds that irreversibly adsorb onto the stationary phase and eliminates particulates.

* Pressure rated to 13,000 PSI (90 MPa)

* Low-volume, low-dispersion cartridges minimize the impact on separation

* Zero-dead-volume direct connection to column

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    This direct connect guard column provides economical protection from the harmful effects of the sample, mobile phase particulates, and soluble contaminants on modern HPLC and UHPLC columns. The low swept volume of this guard column maintains the efficiency of high performance columns assuring a negligible loss of critical resolution. With its simple design, this guard column installs in any analytical column in seconds.


    Pressure rated to 13,000 PSI (90 MPa)

    Low-volume, low-dispersion cartridges minimize the impact on separation

    Zero-dead-volume direct connection to column


    uHPLCs offer 3 levels of protection and guard cartridges in 3 dimensions, with a variety of bonded phases to match your analytical column. The economical, leak-free cartridge design provides an unprecedented combination of convenience, economy, and reliability.


    Precautions for the use of guard columns:
    1. The connecting pipeline should be as short as possible when connecting the freestanding guard column to the LC column. The interface should be smooth to minimize the dead volume and reduce the column spreading effect.

    2. The ferrule type guard column is generally not marked with the direction of liquid flow; it is best to mark it by yourself when using it and use it according to the marked direction to avoid contamination of the lc column by impurities trapped after using it in the forward and reverse direction.

    3. When there is an increase in column pressure or poor peak shape, the lc column must clean in reverse without connection. The cleaning solvent can be referred to as the analytical column cleaning solvent.

    4. Ferrule type guard column, column core replacement, pay attention to the core and column sleeve whether there is a directional match, while not easy to screw too tight to prevent slippery wire.

    5. Guard column or HPLC guard column cartridge is generally not recommended for ultrasonic cleaning because of the possible impact on the packing surface finishing.

    6. If the same guard column is used with different analytical HPLC columns, before each use, the HPLC guard column should be cleaned and equilibrated with the mobile phase for some time before connecting to the analytical column.

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