Ghost Buster Column

Ghost Buster Column

Ghost Buster Column for HPLC

When using HPLC, especially when the mobile phase method is gradient, you may often encounter inexplicable peaks on the chromatogram that do not originate from the compounds in the sample, called "ghost trap."

Installing a ghost trap column can further clean up the mixed mobile phase and remove the substances that may generate "ghost trap" by adsorption, allowing us to use HPLC "immersively" without being bothered by these "ghost trap." The "ghost trap" can be removed by adsorption.



Understanding Ghost Trap

There are many reasons for "ghost trap" besides pump and mixing problems, bubble peaks caused by sample and mobile phase degassing, and sample cap contamination. There is also a high probability that they are introduced from the mobile phase.

For example, the use of water, organic solvents, and additives are not clean enough to introduce compounds that respond to the detector, or the use of plastic containers in the preparation process leads to the detection of certain components such as plasticizers, stabilizers, and other dissolved substances. The literature reported that the operator who used latex gloves may also introduce "ghost trap."


The appearance of ghost trap seriously interferes with the analysis results if you can not exclude them or even lead to the method being unavailable. We need assistance removing substances that may produce "ghost trap" - ghost buster columns. Also called ghost peaks in hplc.


Product Recommendation

The ghost columns can further clean up the mixed mobile phase and remove substances that may generate "ghost trap" by adsorption, allowing us to use HPLC "immersively" without being bothered by these "ghost trap." The HPLC can be used "immersively" without being bothered by these "ghost trap." At the same time, the column's unique porous structure allows for better mobile phase mixing for online mixing, thus stabilizing the baseline.


Common specifications (need other specifications or need to provide customized services can be directly contacted customer service)

Ghost Column Cartridge Description


Pressure resistance

Ghost Buster Column 2.1mmID*20mml

About 40μL


Ghost Buster Column 4.0mmID*20mml

About 150μL


Ghost Buster Column 7.6mmID*30mml

About 700μL



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What Ghost Buster Column Can Do For Your HPLC System ?


By continuously optimizing the particle size and surface physicochemical structure of the material, the ghost buster column filler obtains a purification material with a regular shape, uniform particle size distribution, very high specific surface area, and high mechanical strength (the figure below shows its microstructure seen under scanning electron microscopy).


ghost buster column


The ghost buster column has excellent mobile phase cleanup capability, which can trap most of the impurities in the mobile phase that may generate "ghost trap." It can improve the mixing effect of the mobile phase to make the baseline smoother, which can help us obtain better analytical results.


Note: A larger volume of the ghost column also has a higher purification capacity but, at the same time, will correspondingly increase the residual volume of the instrument system, which may adversely affect the original gradient method, so you need to select the appropriate specifications for the instrument and method.



Product Use

Installation instructions: The ghost buster column should be installed after the mixing pump and before the injector.

Diagram of installation position:

ghost column

* It should be noted that not all impurities can be removed from the mobile phase
* Ghost Buster column is installed between the gradient mixer and the sampler. If it is installed like a guard column, target peaks may disappear
* If ion-pairing reagents are used in the analysis, the reagents may be retained by the Ghost Buster column, impacting the analysis's retention time and peak shape
* It is not recommended to flush the Ghost Buster column with 100% water for a long time
* Ghost-Buster column's service life differs by analysis conditions, mobile phase, and purity. A new column is recommended when the result could be better.

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