Precolumn Filter HPLC

Precolumn Filter HPLC

Precolumn Filter HPLC

Precolumn Filter Manufacturer

In-line filters for HPLC systems, the filters consist of clean, high quality stainless steel components. These filters are designed to reduce the problem of contamination and blockage of the column inlet sieves.

Till Now, We Have Three Main Precolumn Filters For HPLC For Option, According to different diameters and purposes, we divide the products into three types,Please Check As Following:


UHPLC In-Line Filters

Analytical HPLC Inline Filters

Semi-Prep HPLC Inline Filters

inline filter with frits

The in-line solvent filter is installed between the liquid phase pump and the injector, removing particles from the solvent and preventing them from entering the injector, thus preventing clogging

The column inlet filter is installed directly in front of the column to remove particles from the injection system and the sample.

UPLC In-Line Filters


2.1(Ultra High Pressure) 0.2μ, 0.5μ,2μ
Analytical HPLC Inline Filters


4.6 0.2μ, 0.5μ,2μ
Semi-Prep LC Inline Filters


10 0.5μ, 2μ,5μ,10μ,20μ
20 0.5μ, 2μ,5μ,10μ,20μ
30 0.5μ, 2μ,5μ,10μ,20μ


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