Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

Stainless steel (3-branches, 6-branches)  Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus is a solution filtration device in the laboratory. Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus can be closed, open or aseptic operation in working. Simple operation, all stainless steel material can filter acid and alkaline substances, high-temperature resistance. Only one pump can filter multiple samples simultaneously, improving the laboratory's efficiency. Each filter rack has a separate control valve, allowing single and multiple connections to operate simultaneously.

Liquid filtration can be carried out convenient and practical. The filtered liquid can be recycled, and the connecting and sealing parts are made of silicone rubber, which is non-polluting and close to the filtered liquid.


The Stainless Steel Vacuum Manifold holder made of all stainless steel can be operated at 180℃ for filtration and high-temperature sterilization. Meanwhile, 316L sanitary stainless steel material is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to sterilize at high temperatures, which makes the analysis results more stable and reliable.



- Funnel Capacity: 300mL; 4.7cm Steel Frit with Ring
- Stainless steel frit is ideal for use with proteinaceous samples
- Serial filtration of multiple vauum filtration unit through a common drain for fast and simple filtration
- Best for aqueous and organic solvent filtration


One of the benefits of stainless steel is its chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as its non-toxic nature - particularly beneficial in certain laboratory applications such as microbiology - and its ability to sterilize. Additionally, stainless steel vacuum filtration systems are used to purify corrosive liquid. Stainless steel filter is easy to disinfect at high temperatures, resistant to high temperature and corrosion damage and prevents secondary pollution.


Stainless steel multiple vacuum filtration apparatus has the advantages of safety and reliability, superior performance, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving.
Sold as a complete assembly.

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. Widely used for chemistry analysis
. biochemical-pharmaceutical sanitation test
. Environment test
. Water quality analysis
. Food-staff, beverage and science research and so on.

. Each station use separate control valve for independent operation.
. Sturdy units have low center of gravity so they won't tip when full loaded.
. Anodized stainless steel handles on both ends for positioning on bench top.

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