adjustable flow restrictor valve

adjustable flow restrictor valve

adjustable flow restrictor valve

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Porous Metal Flow Restrictors
- For reliable, affordable flow control, without the drawbacks of mass flow controllers, needle valves, and calibrated orifices.

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    The procedure for installing a Flow Restrictor Kit in the Gas Chromatograph (GC).

    Helium, N2, H, and Argon are used as carrier gases.

    The flow rate is adjusted by means of a needle valve mounted on the base of the flow meter and controlled by capillary restrictors.
    The operating efficiency of the gas chromatograph is directly dependent on the maintenance of constant gas flow.

    So the adjustable flow restrictor is normally used to simulate an installed column when your analysis requires an isolated column, or for certain liquid or gas sampling applications that need to maintain a regulated pressure.



    BODY MATERIAL: 316 Stainless Steel

    CONNECTION: 10-32” thread


    The HENGKO Precision Flow Restrictor is the most accurate flow orifice available. Each flow restrictor is custom manufactured according to the customer’s needs. Each restrictor is manually tested for a 100% flow rate to ensure that each component is within the range of the customer’s required flow rate (e.g., the customer’s required rated flow rate is within +/-5%) and to ensure that each component provides consistent flow performance, providing our customers with better quality products that best meet their requirements.

    Because our components are used in a wide range of applications (e.g., gas chromatography and medical devices), they are available in various sizes and configurations for easy installation. They are economical, openable, high-precision miniature flow restrictors.


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