high pressure HPLC with 2.1 mm id hplc empty stainless steel hplc column

high pressure HPLC with 2.1 mm id hplc empty stainless steel hplc column

high pressure HPLC with 2.1 mm id hplc empty stainless steel hplc column

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uHPLCs range of HPLC and UHPLC systems are made from the highest UHPLC grade Stainless Steel with amazingly smooth internal finishes in the 0.1u. This has proven to give better peak results, maximize investment and be highly efficient.

Our UHPLC hardware can achieve high pressures (1500+bar) and superior peak shape.
Every modular style column we sell has the ID size laser etched for easy identification. (can be required)
We also offer a variety of customization, ranging from end fittings for a special look to chemically resistant hard anodized colors for part identification or both.

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25000psi high pressure HPLC with 2.1 mm id empty stainless steel hplc column

The 2.1mm ID empty HPLC column is a tube made of SS316 materials with a frit at the bottom end to retain the stationary phase and a distributor frit at the top. In order for the column tube to withstand higher pressures, uHPLCs have specially designed both ends of the column tube (as can be seen from the picture). More pressure-resistant than the PEEK frit cap.


A column can be “packed” with Chromatography materials having different chemistries(Silica, polymers, Carbon-based materials) and physical properties. (pores, ligands-chemistry, ligand size, surface area, bead structure, dispersity, bead strength). To increase sample resolution finer materials are being used or longer columns. Fundamentally we differentiate between analytical, semi-prep, prep, and production scale columns.


HENGKO offers a wide range of liquid chromatography consumables accessories, such as proven empty stainless steel hplc column and cartridge systems and can provide customized services. Many well-known university laboratories and pharmaceutical companies use these column hardware types, representing quality, functionality, and longevity, and are “Made in China”!


Our Commercial Product range

Stainless Steel Analytical UHPLC Columns and Frits for pressures up to 25000 psi (Available on request);

Stainless Steel Semi-Prep & Prep Columns and Frits for HPLC for OEM;

Chemically Stable HPLC Column & Frits (available of request);

Many HPLC consumables accessories (such as guard columns with cartridges, inline filters, and solvent inlet filters …) are available in bulk quantities.

Visit our products section to find your ideal accessories.




2.1 mm empty hplc column








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