Inline Filter Replaceable Frits

Inline Filter Replaceable Frits

HPLC Frits:

what is an hplc frit?

One of the indispensable parts of liquid chromatography is the HPLC frit, a porous part that blocks the loss of packing from the column.


It is generally made of stainless steel porous with specified particle size sintered in the model, the gap between the particles is the hollow of the HPLC frit, and the size of the particles can be controlled to obtain different pore sizes. The pore size should be smaller than the diameter of the filler; for example, for the particle size 5μm filler, the aperture 1μm or 2μm hplc frit is applicable. uHPLCs can provide different specifications of stainless steel HPLC frit with apertures of 0.2μm, 0.5μm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, etc.

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Note: When choosing the HPLC frit, uHPLCs recommends you choose the one with a thin thickness (e.g., 1.6mm) to avoid introducing excessive extra-column volume and causing an additional peak spreading effect.