HPLC Preparative In-Line Filter Holder, #20, #30

HPLC Preparative In-Line Filter Holder, #20, #30

HPLC Preparative In-Line Filter Holder, #20, #30

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Ideal for micro, narrow, high speed or standard analytical columns
The universal solvent filter is installed between the LC pump and the injector and removes particles from the solvent so that they cannot enter the detector.


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• Versatile for any in-line filtration application
• Prevents damage to downstream components
• Plumb once – change filter elements without disconnecting from the system
• Fittings included


Particles can come everywhere in the flow path – solvents, samples, or worn instrument parts. Over time, particles clog the column frit, causing pressure increases and shorter column lifetime.

HPLC inline filter protects valuable columns by capturing particles before they reach the column, extending their use and reducing your cost per sample.


The user-friendly In-Line Filter system is well suited for some applications, such as high-temperature, high-pressure environments where quick changes are imperative. The frictional forces generated at the piston/seal interface inevitably lead to particulate shedding. The placement of a filtering element between the pump and injector/ autosampler removes these particulates, preventing problems with downstream components and costly downtime.


The filter housing is robust for over 100 replacements to reduce operation costs and avoid troubleshooting. Five different dimensions and porosities of filter discs are available to suit all your needs.


HPLC Preparative In-Line Filter Holder, #20, #30


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HPLC Preparative In-Line Filter Holder






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