High-Pressure UHPLC Stainless Steel Inline Filter Holder with 2.0µm Frit

High-Pressure UHPLC Stainless Steel Inline Filter Holder with 2.0µm Frit

High-Pressure UHPLC Stainless Steel Inline Filter Holder with 2.0µm Frit

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HPLC inline filter protects valuable columns by capturing particles before they reach the column, extending their use and reducing your cost per sample.

Since the liquid chromatography instrument pipeline and column packing are generally micron-level, the tiny solid particles in the mobile phase are very likely to cause blockage of the whole instrument system and affect the experimental process or even damage the instrument, so the purity requirement of the mobile phase is very high, and usually requires chromatographic pure reagents.


When the experimental requirements are high, in order to further avoid the influence of the tiny particles in the mobile phase on the instrument and the experiment, it is necessary to add an online filter device in front of the chromatographic column. In-line filters can provide good filtration of the mobile phase. The hplc frit in the in-line filter can be replaced instantly and the dead volume is smaller.

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HPLC inline filter are specially engineered for inline filtration. Filtration protects the column and instrument components from a build-up of particulate matter, improving column lifetime and minimizing system downtime. It is specifically designed to help prevent particulate contamination from clogging sensitive equipment. It is ideally suited for placement along the flow path line between the pump and injection valve/autosampler.

This Stainless Steel Inline Filter Assembly is ideal for higher pressure applications to help prevent particulate contamination. Using uHPLCs inline filters with high-performance uHPLCs LC columns does not affect chromatographic performance (retention time, peak width, resolution, or efficiency). However, the regular use of uHPLCs HPLC inline filter protects and extends the lifetime of LC columns by protecting them from damaging micro particulates that may be present in the sample and mobile phase. In addition, uHPLCs inline filter offers similar protection for any ultrahigh performance column without increasing backpressure or contributing excess void volume.


• Protects and extends UHPLC, HPLC, and LC column lifetime
• Virtually no change in chromatography
• Simple to use


UHPLC SS Inline Filter Holder with 2.0µm Frit

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