How to search for pharmacopeia columns and their similar columns_

How to search for pharmacopeia columns and their similar columns_

In the process of daily testing, the National Pharmacopoeia method is often used, in which the EP and USP methods give the packing of the stationary phase and the specifications of the hplc column, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia only the packing of the stationary phase, and now there are many columns with the same packing on the market. Still, their separation efficiency is not the same as EP, and USP has given specific information on the column brands on their official websites for your reference. EP and USP have given specific column brand information on their official websites for your reference. Today, I will share how to search for the column brands in the EP and USP methods. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia does not give information about the column brands, and here I will also recommend how to find the columns applicable to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia method quickly.

1. EP method column inquiry method

Firstly, visit the official website of EDQM,


Under EuropeanPharmacopoeia, click where you can find: Knowledge Database to access


Click Search Knowledge again to enter


Then enter the item you want, such as “Amantadine hydrochloride“,


Then click on the number under “number” to find the corresponding column information in the monograph. Here, you can also find the information on the controls in the monograph and the information on the CEP certificate of the product.


2. How to search for column information in the USP method

First, go to


Click “enter” to enter


Then click “I agree” to enter


In the dialog box, enter the monograph you are looking for, e.g., “Amantadine hydrochloride.”


The USP Column lists the columns for all items tested under the API and formulation monographs related to the product, in which we find different columns for the same test item.


3. Chinese Pharmacopoeia method of column information search

Since the Chinese Pharmacopoeia does not give specific column information, we can refer to the USP and EP methods. If the chromatographic conditions are the same, we can use the columns recommended by USP and EP. You can find the information about the column in the abstract or text of the journal.


Generally, the columns USP and EP recommended are valid for use. Sometimes there may not be the same column, but the project is urgent, is there a similar hplc column recommended for use? USP gives a column performance differences website. We can check whether we have a similar column on this website because nowadays, there are so many brands of lc columns, so the website does not contain all hplc columns. The specific query is as follows.


4. Similar columns search method

Login to the website


Click “I agree”,


Click on “compare columns”.


The site has two databases: the USP and the PQRI databases.

The smaller the F-value, the higher the similarity of the two hplc columns.

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Post time: Mar-09-2023