100A Silica Gel C18 HPLC Columns Packing for Chromatography

100A Silica Gel C18 HPLC Columns Packing for Chromatography

100A Silica Gel C18 HPLC Columns Packing for Chromatography

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316 stainless steel tees & crosses come complete with 10-32 stainless steel fittings for use with 1/16" OD tubing.

Ultra-pure spherical silica packing is dedicated to developing high-performance liquid chromatography and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography analysis. The field of research requires ultra-pure and high mechanical pressure. Better detection of classification results.

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Reversed phase chromatography is the most commonly used method of HPLC, because of the high theoretical plate number, excellent separation characteristics, reproducibility, and ease of use. Columns packed with octadecyl group bonded type silica gel (C18, ODS) are the most widely used reversed phase chromatography. 

Features and Advantages:
※ A variety of particle size selection is conducive to the optimization of column efficiency.
※ Narrow particle size distribution keeps low column pressure.
※ Consistency and reproducibility of retention time allow scale-up from laboratory scale to industrial applications.
※ Consistency between batches ensures repeatability of performance.
※ The production scale is huge, there is no limit to enlarge.


The Chromatorex packing has good mechanical stability.  Both analytical and preparative columns can withstand repeated loading.  In addition, each batch of products will undergo extensive quality inspection and testing to ensure reliable performance between batches.


The Chromatorex silicone packing is produced to a high standard of chemical purity. Organic and trace metal levels are controlled within strict limits. The high reproducibility of the separation results allows direct scale-up without time-consuming method development. This is a direct result of strict control of chemical purity, surface area, pore volume and pore size.

100A Silica Gel C18 HPLC Columns for Chromatography

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