Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holders

Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holders

Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holders

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In the HPLC system, it is not guaranteed that the injected sample can be completely eluted, especially for Chinese medicine and blood samples. However, the injection volume is small, and there is always a part of the sample remaining in the column head every time, making the column head fail over time. The same guard column as the column packing is placed between the inlet valve and the column, which can extend the service life of the column and ensure the consistency of the analysis results.

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• Extend the life of analytical columns

• Save on column replacement costs

• Include 10-32 coned threads for easy connections

• Easy to assemble and pack

• Ideal in high-volume production


Protect the valuable columns in your system with guards, holders and analytical cartridges, among other hardware to help increase retention time, and promote excellent performance.


The ferrule of the guard column holds the protective column core, which contains the packing. The presence of these packings intercepts strongly retained acidic and alkaline substances in the sample and prevents them from contaminating and damaging the packing in the column. Therefore, a guard column provides the best protection for the column in all aspects.
It is important to note that a guard column can only protect against small amounts of contaminants in the sample.
It does not provide good protection against pH overruns in the mobile phase because the amount of mobile phase is so large that the hplc column cannot completely prevent the contaminants from reaching the column, exceeding its protection limit.

Analytical Stand Alone Guard Cartridges Holders

Model Number Specifications
HPAGK-046100-0000-0-000 #4.6,  Guard Colum Holder
HPAGK-046100-A180-018-N-1 #4.6, USHA C18, 1.8um, 100Å 
HPAGK-046100-A180-020-N-1 #4.6, USHA C18, 2.0um, 100Å 
HPAGK-046100-A180-030-N-1 #4.6, USHA C18, 3.0um, 100Å 
... ...

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