UHPLCS, USHA C18, Scientific HPLC Column 4.6mm x 250 mm 5 µm

UHPLCS, USHA C18, Scientific HPLC Column 4.6mm x 250 mm 5 µm

UHPLCS, USHA C18, Scientific HPLC Column 4.6mm x 250 mm 5 µm

Short Description:

This high-resolution silica column can improve the separation efficiency in your reversed phase applications.

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Product Tags

* Long service life

* Short balamce time 

* High flow, low back pressure

* Shortening analysis time, save solvent

* High column effciency, excellent degree of separation

* High selection and high separation.

* Widely used in in the analysis of polar and hydrophobic substances, the first choice of all kinds of compounds.


UHPLCS, USHA C18, Scientific HPLC Column 4.6mm x 250 mm 5 µm


Catalog number Unit Size Particle Size Diameter (Metric) Price (CNY)  
   Each 5um 4.6mm 250mm Request A Quote
   Each 5um 3.0mm 100mm Request A Quote


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Column Type


Carbon Load

Column Format

Diameter (Metric)

Length (Metric)

Max. Pressure

Particle Size


Pore Size

Stationary Phase

Unit Size

Normal Phase



Preparative Column, Standard


30mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 250mm

6000 psi (413.685 bar)

1.8, 2, 3, 5, 10um or even bigger particles

2 to 8

70Å,100Å, 150Å, 200Å, 300Å, ...



hplc column c18
C18---NE, Scientific HPLC Column



FYI, each column will be slightly different


1. How long can a C18 column be used normally?
- HPLC column life is generally not calculated by time, but by the number of continuous injection needles,
which is more scientific.
In normal use and maintenance, within the range of pH and temperature, the C18 column can reach 500-2000 needle injection life, depending on the cleanliness of the sample.

2. Can the hplc column cap frits be removed and cleaned by ultrasonic waves? What are the adverse consequences?
- It is not recommended to remove the column cap frit for cleaning, because removing the pressurized column frit will
cause changes in the column bed and affect the chromatographic performance. The contaminated HPLC column
should be cleaned and maintained first. If the maintenance has no effect, the HPLC column cap frit should be removed
and washed as a last resort.

3. Does the equilibration time of the column have a lot to do with the packing material? Which is the fastest and which is
the slowest?

- According to the chromatographic rate theory, the smaller the particle size, the higher the column efficiency, and when
the particle size is as small as about 2 microns, the resolution will no longer decrease with the increase of the linear
velocity. Therefore, it has changed for a long time. trade-off between speed and resolution".laboratory illustration

uHPLCs special services:
1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
2. Column loading service is available.23030101 https://www.uhplcs.com/

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