Reversed phase uhplc hplc column for protein analysis

Reversed phase uhplc hplc column for protein analysis

Reversed phase uhplc hplc column for protein analysis

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Our Precolumn MircoFilter w/PEEK frit connects directly into microbore or analytical columns. The void volume used is the design of this MicroFilter eliminates mixing of samples in the mobile phase.

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    Protein is the main component of living organisms and plays an important role in all stages of life's growth and development.

    all stages of development. At the same time, protein products are also used in food, pharmaceuticals, medical diagnosis, and biocatalysis There is a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, and biocatalytic fields.

     DSC_4492 NH2(Amino) HPLC column DSC_3003

    Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography is currently the most common mode of HPLC separation, characterized by the fact that the polarity of the stationary phase is less than the polarity of the mobile phase. Protein molecules are separated due to the difference in their hydrophobicity, which allows them to partition differently in the two phases. Low pH mobile phase, room temperature or higher temperature, and the use of acetonitrile or isopropanol as the organic fraction, trifluoro as the organic fraction, and trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) as the ion-pairing agent. The separation of the proteins was more favorable. The retention index and the selectivity of the protein The selectivity was also related to the nature of the bonded stationary phase, with large pore silica gel (20-30 nm) short chain alkyl (C The short chain alkyl (C4 and C8) bonded stationary phases of large pore silica gel (20-30 nm) are suitable for protein The large pore silica gel (20~30 nm) short chain alkyl (C4 and C8) bonded stationary phases are suitable for protein separation; proteins with large molecular weight differences and very hydrophobic The separation of protein mixtures with large molecular weight differences and strong hydrophobicity was well achieved by a non-porous carrier column, and the higher column temperature also improves the separation of protein mixtures.

    Fast and reliable separation of intact proteins with protein fragments


    Reverse-phase techniques are used for protein identification confirmation, impurity profiling, and post-translational modification quantification. The technique is based on the difference in hydrophobicity of each substance and applies to denaturing conditions to achieve sample separation. It provides information on the amino acid sequence of the molecular level structure and sequence variants and modifications.

    Reversed-phase UPLC HPLC column for protein analysisDSC_4437

    uHPLCs special services:
    1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
    2. Column loading service is available.23030101

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    Amy Hudson

    Chromatography researcher

    I'm a professional and I purchased new columns to replace the columns on my hplc system. I'm having some issues installing and have been testing hplc columns. The tech support I have been receiving from uHPLCs has been very fast and informative. They are very supportive and extremely helpful in every way. I would not hesitate to ever purchase from this company. I just want to thank the tech support team for all the time and effort they have put out to help me. I am truly grateful. Thank you. 


    These days it is so hard to find distributors and manufacturers that appreciate their customers. uHPLCs is one of those rare companies that does. They provide unrivaled customer service, quality products, and they make it very clear how much they value each and every customer regardless of order size or company size. I highly recommend working with this company. You can't go wrong with uHPLCs products


    Jennifer Barrett



    Rachel Hicks



    Fits product it is intended for as described. Works well. I will continue to purchase these.

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