Analytical C8 HPLC columns, 5.0 µm 50 mm × 4.6 mm

Analytical C8 HPLC columns, 5.0 µm 50 mm × 4.6 mm

Analytical C8 HPLC columns, 5.0 µm 50 mm × 4.6 mm

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• Additive column efficiency
• Long service life
• Short balance time
• High flow, low back pressure
• High column efficiency, excellent degree of separation
• Shortening analysis time, save solvent

C8 HPLC Columns(Trimethylsilyl silane bonded column) produced by the matrix from ultrapure silica based packing materials under auto packing techniques and with column features of higher column efficiency. The C8 bonding type is stable down to pH 1.5 and the inner packing sorbents available in pore size of 120 Å with 5 µm particle sizes.


Analytical C8 HPLC columns, 5.0 µm 50 mm × 4.6 mm




1. If the C18 column has been stored in an acidic environment for some days before, will there be any damage to the column? The pH is around 2.

- When pH=2, it is easy to hydrolyze and lose the stationary phase bonded to the silica gel matrix, including C18, and the hydrolysis of the capping reagent, and the capping reagent is relatively easier to hydrolyze. I don’t know if the acidic environment you saved contains buffer salts. If it does not contain buffer salts, it is only stored in an acidic mobile phase for a few days, so don’t worry too much. It is equivalent to using this chromatographic column for a few days at most. , so reduce the service life for a few days; it is a little troublesome to have buffer salts. During storage, moisture volatilization may cause buffer salt crystals to precipitate in the column, which will cause great damage to the column.


2. Regarding the configuration of the mobile phase, we can use methanol and acetonitrile at the same time as the organic phase. What is the basis for this? Is it based on the different selectivity of methanol and acetonitrile, the difference in the solubility of the sample between the two, and the adjustment of the eluting capacity of the mobile phase?

- Using methanol and acetonitrile at the same time can obtain different selectivity of pure methanol or acetonitrile, and the elution ability will also change. According to the strength factor of the multi-element mobile phase Sab…..=Saψa+Sbψb=…Sa and Solvent intensity factors of Sb pure solvents a and b; ψa and ψb are the volume fractions of a and b respectively, so there are many systems in the Pharmacopoeia that use the methanol-acetonitrile system.



3.  Triethylamine phosphate buffer is used as the mobile phase, and the column pressure is getting higher day by day. How to solve it?

- Regenerate the column, and search for the regeneration method, there are many recoils that are feasible for most of the chromatographic columns, and the effect is good.laboratory illustration


uHPLCs special services:
1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
2. Column loading service is available.23030101

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